Shapes, lights, action

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That magical realism

Looking at his brief but intense career so far, anyone can see that the paintings by Aurelio Garcia have a quality of vagueness in the outline, and that many of the people who walk on the canvases of this catalogue have ended up becoming silhouetted stars on obscure backgrounds, cardboard or the pages of newspapers. It is true that long ago realism ceased to be “figurative”, Aurelio’s works play with this. What seems disassociated (disjointed) in his paintings is not univocal, or flat. Thus, for some time his paintings have been enriched with textures, shades and shadows, to capture this multifaceted reality which has been demanding, little by little, language more nuanced, more diversified and, inevitably, a little more inaccessible. New glazes (veilings) of a creative process distilled in different series that intersect, collide and converge, beyond a specific theme, streets, people, walks or squares.

Yes, undoubtedly Aurelio paints because he likes to paint. There is no doubt about that. But the nature of his painting, the suggestion of what to show and not show, the mixture of techniques and materials, the ambiguity of a few figures in the fore ground are elements that are combined in his canvases to one indomitable suggestion.

Anyone can do this test, lingering on one of his paintings to discover the anxiety (concern) and confusion of who is looking for, because he follows asking… what, how, when, where, why…

José Montalvà

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