Middle exhibition

In our world there has never existed so many museums, books, gurus of aesthetics, great intellectuals “theoretical and speculative” in today’s world. The result of these erratic different trends, is nothing more than “a great confusion” in what we call art.

I think that if we want to be closer to him and to the art of García Perales and his son Aurelio we must set some basic concepts, to walk without the fear of falling. A lot of people paint, but not all are painters, the question is, why? The answer is that to paint in the 21st century is to create. Therefore we can not reproduce more or less well, the appearances of an already existing model. We must try at least to create “our own reality”, our own discourse if we agree that the painting is the transmission of our emotion to others; that is why you can call it “Visual language”.

This is precisely what Aurelio Garcia Perales has been able to see and to transmit to his son. It is not enough paint, we must learn to see, both inside and outside ourselves. All of this without forgetting that painting is a profession like all, needing deep knowledge of materials, supplies and the media, so despised by the theorists defenders of “recent trends”.

Of course, to see with their own eyes, feelings and aesthetic approaches of the father and the son are not the same, they are equal, overlapping, they are only in the beginning where underlies their understanding of the art of painting.

Enrique Gomez Sacanelles


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