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The work that Aurelio Garcia is exhibiting reflects clearly its creator. It’s a youthful work but the works have the feeling of having been created by an expert. It’s youthful because the works are emotive, they reflect the emotions and the feelings of life. It’s expert because in its creation the artist has put all of himself into it: his experience and his mastery of the lessons of he has received from the artistic environment that has always surrounded him.

The colour, shapes and materials are applied in such a way on the canvas that it evokes in the spectactors, colours, shapes and awakens their own emotions.

In these paintings in black and White, each viewer (observer), unintentionally, is transported from reality and enters in his environment and completes them with the lights and the colours of this own experiences.

The emotion present in the streets conveys the same intensity (felt walking in the Street experience). All is diaphanaus but all is moving and with the movement penetrating our retinas diffusing emotions that will become our memories.

The women present in these Works of Aurelio Garcia, they invite men to be men and women to be women.

Definitely, these are Works of art because they provoke, feelings and these are widened and enriched from their observation.

Take pleasure from the exhibition.

J. Baldó

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