Half Characters

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Half characters

With this exhibition Aurelio Garcia shows us a young artist’s work, that investigates forms, he divides the spaces geometrically to succinctly raise for the viewer images, faces and figures, where the superfluous is avoided only translating the essential synthesizing forms.

With the chromatics used and even approaching the idea of the photo negative and base to delimit the boundaries of space. Aurelio achieves the means to establish the cadence and the importance of each level. Only hinting at the figures and faces, defining bodies sometimes even through the absence of colour and the definition of the forms.

It is the search and the discovery of self through representation and light, from the monochrome to the colourful that we appreciate any work when clothed or touched, like the Menina is treated. You are invitated to discover inside what will be, that has not produced but it is subtlely hinted at, to move from the formal geometric to the abstract. To this we must add as the worlds tells us, the intimacy of the characters, their silence, their loneliness and their experiences.

Aurelio is in a good place creatively speaking and in a way this tells us that his future is important. There is no doubt that he feels art, painting and he is discovering its byways, both technical and artistic.

José Garneria

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